Volunteer with US Quidditch

USQ is run by over a hundred talented volunteers from all over the world who work in the USQ's eight departments running events, writing stories for the website, improving the USQ rules, refereeing, tweeting and keeping our facebook updated, writing grants, and so much more. We hope that no matter what our volunteers are doing, they'll have a positive experience, make new friends, and develop skills that will serve them well in other areas of their lives.

Volunteer Openings

Post Date Position Department Close Date
2013-11-25  Penpal Project Coordinator  Membership  2014-12-31 
2014-06-23  Member Rewards Coordinator  Membership  2014-10-20 
2014-06-23  Coach Member Coordinator  Membership  2014-10-20 
2014-06-27  Youth Member Coordinator  Membership  2014-10-20 
2014-06-27  Kidditch Coordinator  Membership  2014-10-20 
2014-06-28  Conventions Coordinator  Events  2014-10-20 
2014-06-28  Events Outreach Coordinator  Events  2014-10-20 
2014-06-28  General Events Coordinator  Events  2014-10-20 
2014-07-03  Photographer  Marketing  2014-10-15 
2014-07-03  Regional Correspondent  Marketing  2014-10-18 
2014-07-03  Copy Editor  Marketing  2014-10-18 
2014-07-03  Videographer   Marketing  2014-10-18 
2014-07-03  Staff Writer  Marketing  2014-10-18 
2014-07-13  Video Editor  Marketing  2014-08-10 
2014-07-13  Gameplay Policies Team Coordinator  Gameplay  2014-08-10 
2014-07-18  Teams Representative-Multiple Locations  Teams  2014-08-20 
2014-07-18  Regional Director- [South now open!] Multiple Regions  Teams  2014-08-20 

If you have any questions about any of our open positions or about the application process, please contact Human Resources.