Become a Referee

We need YOU to join the stripes!

As a fast-paced sport with many different moving parts, quidditch requires several officials. Every quidditch match is officiated by six referees: a head referee, two bludger referees, a snitch referee, and two goal referees. These referees work together to ensure that each game is run safely and effectively. USQ’s referee training program aims to certify referees to ensure the highest standards nation-wide. Referee certification is an ongoing process, consisting first of a written and practical test, and supplemented by referee training programs, online resources, and a system to continually review referee performance. Every USQ official game must be adjudicated by a certified head referee paid $20 in order to count for the rankings and regular season requirements. In order to meet the demand for certified referees, every official USQ team is required to have a certain number of players attempt to become certified referees.

For the 2014-2015 season, referee certification will be divided into three distinct levels: assistant referee, snitch referee, and head referee. Candidates may achieve assistant or snitch referee certification in any order, but only those candidates that have achieved certification at both the assistant and snitch referee referee levels may move on to the head referee certification process. Assistant and snitch referee testing only consists of a written test and is free, but head referee testing consists of a written and field test and requires a USQ referee membership.

Click HERE to take the written test to become an assistant referee. 

Click HERE to take the written test to become a snitch referee.


Head referees certified during the 2013-2014 season do need to become re-certified. In order to re-certify, you  must:

  1. Register for a $40 referee membership. If you already have a player membership, you can upgrade to a referee membership for $25.

  2. Sign up to take the written test online through the link in your referee member dashboard within the USQ website. A score of at least 80% is required to pass the written test. You must have passed both the assistant referee and snitch referee written tests or been previously certified as a head referee to qualify to take this test.

After passing the written test, head referees will advance to field tests, which must be adjudicated by an RAC or RTC member. Referees will be paid as a head referee while they are in this probationary period. A score of at least 80% is required to pass a field test.

New referees, or referees who were certified in seasons other than the 2013-2014 playing season, must pass the snitch referee written test, the assistant referee written test, and the head referee written test before attempting the head referee exam. Such referees are NOT eligible to accept payment or act as head referee for an official game until they have successfully completed ALL of those steps. 

Sign up for your field test HERE and direct any questions to USQ Officials Manager, Brandon, at